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Air Cargo

The global economy depends on the ability to deliver high-quality products at competitive prices to consumers worldwide. Air cargo transports over US $6 trillion worth of goods, accounting for approximately 35% of world trade by value. Since the beginning of 2024 we have seen a sharp increase in the amount of freight being moved by air, this […]

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UK Courier Statistics

Approximately 3.6 billion parcels were sent in the 2022/2023 fiscal year. This was a slight decrease of over 182 million parcels relative to the previous year. However, Wessex Transport Services as seen a sharp increase in what is commonly called timed deliveries, this refers to goods being delivered according to time, i.e. by nine o’clock am […]

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Global Shipping

Shipping and world trade: driving prosperity Shipping’s ability to offer economic and efficient long-distance transport puts it at the centre of the world economy. Some 11 billion tons of goods are transported by ship each year. This represents an impressive 1.5 tons per person based on the current global population. Ship-ping’s capacity to transfer goods […]

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